Vinnytsia Linuxation

The Vinnytsia Linuxation IT contest is created for enhancing of students’ understanding of DevOps technology, network administration, and UNIX-like OSes, such as mainstream GNU/Linux distributions. The event will give all aspiring students the opportunity to demonstrate an excellent level of knowledge in the relevant areas, as well as opportuninty take appropriate place in the IT industry as DevOps engineer, network administrator, embedded systems developer or even as IT manager.

The contest will take place in two stages:
Solving of remote tasks (first stage). The participant will login into the hackathon website on behalf of his or her educational institution, then the participant will gain access to the testing environment in the cloud, and then will perform the tasks of first stage. Based on the results of the tasks completed, the hackathon jury will arrange the table of finalists. Indicative date range of event: 1-31 March 2020.
Final stage. Will be organized in Vinnitsa. The finalists will need to have a laptop. Each participant in the finale will have to create the program that will solve some set of system tasks. Participants can use any programming language, frameworks, software packages and server technologies. The ones with the criteria will be a quality of the work, which will consist of degree of resolving tasks, using of fewer amount of possible software toolkits, shortness of code and the simplity of structure of project files. Indicative date range of event: 11 April 2020, on the premises of Vinnytsia National Technical University.

The event also will be interesting to representatives of IT companies and network operators interested in growing DevOps sphere, new networking technologies, cloud environments and distributed computing.