Lets help to development of higher digital education together!

Real Linuxation works in such areas as Ukrainian e-education as integration of free licenses and open technologies in startups and higher education infrastructure. Our organization promotes and mentors projects that work in these areas.

E-education technologies

By having experience in supporting and implementing e-learning systems, we share it with our partners when creating centralized distance learning portals based on the open e-learning systems. In addition to supporting Moodle! Training portals, we also take part in the development and maintenance of the ITL Creative Lab Training Portal, that based on the Django platform. As part of the work on the portal, Real Linuxation also creates materials for the study of electronics, circuit engineering and programming.

Student IT contests organization

Student IT contests is one of our most important areas of work. We are one of the organizers of the “Vinnytsia Linuxation” online contest, the purpose of which is to apply knowledge of DevOps, cloud technologies, computer networks and applied information security technologies.

Mentorship of startup projects

Our team is mentoring startup projects that are or are related to Open Source software. We promote the idea of ​​creating software and hardware products that are based on open technology. We pay much attention to the information security of new startups, including IoT solutions, which lack of security can compromise both the reputation and personal safety, life and health of potential consumers. Our team investigates this issue and develops common recommendations for cloud and IoT security solutions.

Open licenses in education

National educational system is able to create many useful things, which can go into oblivion and without any application. We encourage national education system to adopt the approach of creating genuine free content with open licenses, such as Creative Commons and others approved by OSI.