What we do

Our team is mentoring startup projects that are related with modern Open Source solutions. We are promoting the idea of creating software and hardware products that are based on open technology.

We pay a lot of attention to the information security of new startups, including IoT solutions, where lackness of security can compromise the reputation as well as personal safety, life and health of potential consumers. Our team studies this issue and develops common recommendations for cloud and IoT security solutions.

Real Linuxation also promotes the creation of high-quality IoT developments that are free from the disadvantages of the vendor lock-in approach. An alternative to this is to create multi-vendor solutions where the user can organize the cloud for their devices. For example, here are the smart home IoT devices: modern controllers, although in many cases using GNU/Linux firmware, are incapable of operating without the cloud of the manufacturer. Thus, they turn into a pile of unnecessary plastic when the manufacturer’s cloud is decommissioned or becomes incapacitated.

Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon lately. By falling into bankruptcy, many companies take with them all the IoT solutions they made to the grave. The way we propose is to promote the creation of vendor-independent, versatile and flexible IoT solutions.

Cooperation with science student clubs

Club of System Administration and Web Application Development. By being based at Vinnytsia National Technical University, the club is involved in experience exchange in spheres of DevOps, big data and cloud technologies between students, experts and university staff. Members of our team also take part in this experience exchange as experts.

Vinnytsia Christian Club of Electronics. This club exists to encourage christian youth and Sunday-school students to become familiar with IT and electronics. On the basis of the club, clubmates are being introduced to modern IT technologies, as well as technologies of analog and digital electronics. Our team also supports student’s startup activities on this club by mentoring members of the club. It helps them to develop their projects in the right way.